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Fryergroup has been on the leading edge of market trends and technology for two decades such as cloud computing, value based healthcare, predictive AI and consumerism. Working with corporations and startups, we work closely with internal teams from strategy to execution.

Whether you’re looking to harness emerging technologies, evaluate new opportunities, get products developed and to market, or strategic advice, we’re here for you.

Results Driven

Working to achieving your goals is never a straight path. Instead it's a journey with multiple steps of  discovery, hypothesis testing, delivery, while de-risking assumptions. To be effective, this journey is time bound with measurable results at each stage. We have brought five products to market from inception to delivery.

Seeing The Connections

Understanding internal and external influences / aspirations for projects is essential for success. Environmental scanning of future trends, regulations, reimbursement, customer trends, and Jobs To Be Done, inform a cohesive value proposition and vision that improves project success.

Building High Performance Teams

High performance teams have two common attributes. The first is a shared vision among team members that allows them the autonomy to make their own decisions. The second is creating a psychologically safe space where team members feel comfortable being themselves, expressing their ideas and opinions, and taking risks without fear of being punished or ostracized.


  1.  $20M revenue telemedicine  product
  2. Value based EHR  reduced medical costs by 15%, and improved patient outcomes
  3. Brought to market patient engagement product in three months
  4. Healthcare mobile platform with surgical cost reduction of 25%
  5. In 11 months delivered interoperable CDS project that cut new application development from 8 months to 2 weeks with a commercial target saving $100M and 4,000 lives yearly

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