Fryergroup is a boutique product, marketing, and strategy firm that focuses on startups through mid-level enterprises and enterprise divisions. We have a broad background in technology, healthcare and education companies.

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Problems We Solve

Why has our growth stalled?

How should we enter this market?

How do we evaluate this new opportunity?

Our competitors are leaving us behind.

Our users are unhappy with our product.

We need to get this new product to market.

What is our go to market strategy?

What is our value proposition to this market?

Market Strategy
Product / Market Fit
Staff Mentoring
Lean Startup
Product Execution
Customer Experience / UI / UX
About Us

As a product and strategy practitioner, Bruce Fryer has brought four products to market from ideation to launch, for venture backed startups and enterprise companies. He has worked in large corporations, five startups, and exited two. Bruce Fryer has opened new product categories that grew to $6B. As a mentor for startup accelerators, he has worked with numerous companies in healthcare, education and technology.

Projects have ranged from running an enterprise focused Cloud SaaS product group, market strategy, to product / market validation for post acute clinical systems.