User Story / Requirements

This exercise is to create a simple telemedicine video product so that a patient can use their phone to talk to a doctor.

This is the presentation talking about the market and product requirements. Click the link below the picture to see the presentation.

Sample User Story

This is a UML for EHR patient referral



Here are two published articles I wrote.

How Hospital Administrators Are Obstructing Medical Record Exchange APIs

Medical record exchange is a major topic in healthcare, needed to improve healthcare outcomes (and reduce costs) for multiple patients receiving care at multiple sites. The discussion in the industry primarily focuses on technical challenges…more

The Accidental Product Manager

You were doing something else and now you find yourself a product manager. Or perhaps you need to expand your team and need to make someone a product manager….. more

User Interface Work

These three screens are for an occupational health clinic while seeing a patient. The system reduced medical costs by 15% while improving patient outcomes.

Web Based Clinical EHR

This high fidelity mockup is for a new patient payment platform that reduces surgical costs by 25% or more.

Patient Payment Platform for elective procedures

This is a patient product mockup for post acute arthroplasty care.

Post Acute Arthroplasty Caregiver app

Wireframe for medical records exchange product.

Wireframe for medical records exchange app

Mockup for medical records exchange product.

High Fidelity